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Clarity, Confidence and Courage.
The Secret to YOUR Success

Your success is something we talk about a lot in Strategy and Conversions. Our thinking and innovation is channelled into creating products and services that support you.

One of the concepts we are constantly talking about are the 3Cs, which once properly understood, are the secret to your success.

What do we mean by that?

Clarity is essential if you intend to create the lifestyle you want, whatever that may mean for you. However that picture looks for you, you will want that to include increased choices and freedom to do what you want, when you want and how you want.

The Clarity of Your Lifestyle Choices

You are a visual being who thinks in pictures and that is why clarity is so important to you. You need to create that picture that will motivate you to start working towards achieving that.

Once you have the picture of the life you want, then you need to decide upon the vehicle that is going to get you there. Whether that be a job or a business, it needs to be something that fits in with your life goals.

I always remember a conversation I had with a neighbour many years ago, a successful salesman in the technology sector of the time. He was so valuable to the company that they sent him all over the country, troubleshooting problems and selling the right solutions.

The conversation led onto lifestyles and the importance of living them now, not at some distant point in the future. He suddenly broke down in tears halfway through, completely surprising me. When I listened to his story, it turned out he hated his job. He was very well paid and had the trappings of success, but it was empty.

His values were family and a loving relationship with his wife. His reality was five days on the road, staying in hotels and speaking to his kids on the telephone. He would be shattered when he returned home on the Friday, would have only one day to spend with his family, as Sunday was taken up with repacking his suitcase and driving off to a hotel somewhere, to be ready for a meeting with another prospect on the Monday.

His job was the wrong vehicle for him. It didn't motivate him because he wasn't building the lifestyle he wanted. After the breakdown, he realised he had to leave his job. He set up on his own as a consultant, using his sales and technology skills to help two local charities gain the funding they needed.

He was much lower paid than his previous job but he was much more happy, home every night with his kids, getting to see their school plays and having a much closer relationship with his wife. Once he built his vision and gained clarity, he knew what he wanted and started to be intentional about working towards it.

The Clarity of Your Choice of Business Vehicle

You may already have a business, or you may just be starting out in business. You may even decide to create another income stream that can run alongside your business. Wherever you are now, it is vital that you have a vision to know how that business vehicle is going to work for you.
Creating that Vision is so important for your business because it makes you create the outline for your long-term aspirations of exactly what you want to achieve, so that it will provide the lifestyle you want.
The better you craft your company vision, the greater clarity you will develop, and having that clarity is critical as it become your guide to support your:
> Decision-making, making the informed decisions that align with the company's long-term goals. This helps you and the team you may want to build stay focused and avoid making decisions that could take the company along the wrong road.

> Giving inspiration and motivation to you and any other people involved, creating a sense of purpose and understanding about how their work contributes to the company's success.

> Customer attraction and even investors, who share the same values and beliefs as your company.

> Ability to differentiate your business from its competitors and stand out in the marketplace.

> Measuring progress and evaluating whether you are on track to achieving your long-term goals or if you need to make changes to your strategy.

If you don't get a crystal clear picture of your driving vision for your business, not only may you lose your way but you won't be able to articulate clearly in a Vision Statement. You won't be able to communicate that precisely with your staff and your prospects won't be able to understand or relate to you.

Your prospects will struggle to have confidence in your products or services, your staff may become unsure what you stand for and lose their confidence in your business and as you see that your business is not making the goals you set, your own confidence will suffer.

Clarity Creates Confidence

Confidence follows closely on the heels of clarity.
As any project manager will tell you, any successful project starts with the end in mind. Once the project vision is clear, then a project plan is formed, working backwards from the project end, all the way back to defining each milestone that needs to be achieved and then understanding the tasks that need to be completed to reach them.
Your business is one very large project, with multiple strings of sub projects, all driving towards the same goal. By defining the clarity of the project end, then working backwards from that, you can set the milestones that you need to achieve on an annual, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly if you want that much detail. This gives you the confidence that, by taking certain marketing and sales action, you will achieve the turnover milestones you have set.
As you have decided who you are going to serve, then you will design your products or services to give your customers the maximum value you can. As you review and tweak them slightly, your confidence that you are serving your customers will grow. Your staff will gain the confidence they need to find new prospects and convert more of them into customers.
Your customer's confidence in your offerings will grow and the more you support them, the more loyal they become, helping you to build your reputation in your industry sector.
As your reputation grows and your customers become your advocates, you will gain the courage to create new products and move into new business sectors.

Confidence Breeds Courage

Can you remember the time that you first entered a room full of other business owners you had never met before. As you walked into your first business network meeting, remember those feelings of excitement, coupled with trepidation, as you anxiously swept your eyes around the room, not knowing what to do next.
Then, someone came up to you and started talking. As the conversation wound on, your confidence grew, you found the courage to talk to someone else, perhaps even approaching a group of people.
You had the confidence in yourself, which gave you the courage to act. Now, you are the one who greets new people with total confidence in yourself. You are the one who sets them at ease.
The same chain reaction happens when the confidence in your products or services grows. You had the clarity to build an offer that you knew your prospects were looking for and, as that clarity grew, so did your confidence in it, until you had the courage to introduce it to your audience.
As your business grows and your cash flow starts increasing, you'll have the confidence to start building a team. It may be daunting to start with but as you become a better manager, they will gain the confidence in you and your business.
Once they gain the clarity of the vision you have, that person will help you grow your business, because they know where the business is heading. As you see that person develop and your business grow, that gives you the confidence in the process. You will then find the courage to recruit more staff to accelerate your growth.

The Chain Reaction

Recently I was on a forum where a question was asked about the best way a coach could get started with their marketing. Before I could jump in, a reply came from someone I had worked with in the past. Their answer was to write out their sales pitch, as this would give them the clarity of who they intended to serve, how their coaching would help them, and the outcomes they could expect of working with them.
The operative word in that reply was clarity because by gaining that, the chain reaction of the 3Cs takes place.
Clarity inflates confidence, which breeds courage.
Without nailing those 3Cs, you are putting your business at risk.
By putting your business at risk, you are putting your lifestyle at risk.
Focusing on the 3Cs is the secret to your success.
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