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How Do You Make Your Fridays Count?

Making Fridays count in business is crucial if you're going to start your Monday well. Reviewing what you and your team has accomplished, congratulating people's efforts, setting clear goals and plans for the week ahead and prioritising tasks can all happen on a Friday, so you all hit the ground running come Monday morning.
Here are some strategies to make Fridays more productive and impactful in a business setting:

Short Team Meetings:

Make your teams know how much you appreciate their efforts and share some wins with them. Encourage their collaboration with each other and make them feel good, so they want to come to work on Monday. If you're in business on your own, then this is especially important as, at times, it can feel like such a lonely struggle. Doing this will help you feel that you're on the road to success.

Set Clear Goals:

Plan the week ahead and make sure that activity you're going to fill it with will be driving your business forward. Take this time for planning, asking your team for contributions and setting agreed targets, so that the week ahead can be as productive as possible.

Carry Forward:

Inevitably, some tasks and projects will not have been completed as planned and this is a good time to review the reasons why. Perhaps expectations were set too high, or parameters were not clearly defined and you and your team can all learn from this. Make sure you carry those outstanding jobs forward into the next week, to ensure they are completed and not left to drift.
These are just a few pointers that can help to make your Fridays count and not just be a day of winding down with little activity. By the same token, too much frantic end of week activity can also be detrimental to any business growth, as this often means that very little time is spent reviewing, congratulating, encouraging and planning, all essential activities for building a healthy business. More on that another time.
How do you make your Fridays count?
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