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Strategy and Conversions Blog
1 Nov 2023
As we start a new month, here are some strategies to make it count.
26 Oct 2023
Making Fridays count in business is crucial if you're going to start your Monday well. Here are some strategies to make Fridays more productive and impactful, so you all hit the ground running come Monday morning.
25 Oct 2023
Join Mark and Jamie for episode 90 of the Strategy and Conversions Podcast. The topic here is what to do when you hit a wall in your business.
30 May 2023
The loving feeling I’ve received from their customer service has translated to many sales, not only from us but from all the other people I’ve sent their way. Never underestimate how much that giving that loving feeling plays as a powerful way to earn continual repeat business.
6 Jun 2023
When you live with intention, you prioritise what truly matters to you. You become aware of your values, passions, and goals, and align your actions accordingly.
22 May 2023
What is the most important thing you've got to do every day, if you’re serious about creating the success you want in your business? Spend all the time you like thinking about it but there is only one...
8 May 2023
It was two years ago, our first Strategy and Conversion podcast, where we talked about copywriting and the psychology of selling. Since then, many things have changed.
1 May 2023
Your success is something we talk about a lot in Strategy and Conversions. Our thinking and innovation is channelled into creating products and services that support you. One of the concepts we are constantly talking about are the 3Cs, which once properly understood, are the secret to your success.
16 Mar 2023
Part 2 of the business lessons from Clarkson's Farm - Join Mark and Jamie for this episode where they discuss further business lessons from Clarkson's Farm
13 Mar 2023
Business is hard, right! Especially when you're at the Creation level. There are five levels in business and the higher the level you're on, the more choices you have.
10 Mar 2023
Join Mark and Jamie for this episode of the Strategy and Conversions podcast where they discuss the business lessons from the new series of Clarkson's Farm
3 Mar 2023
If you can't answer this with instant specification for an individual product/service or step in your attraction process, then you are already at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring clients.
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