Limited Time One-Payment Offer just £349
Introducing the UnaCard
the ultimate contactless digital business card!
With UnaCard, you can easily share your contact details with a simple tap on a mobile device.
No more fumbling around for a traditional business card - just tap and share.
Choose from either our standard plastic card or premium bamboo...
Each card is designed bespoke with your logo and brand colours by our designers. 
Plus, Your Dynamic Web Page
We also create a "UnaPage" for you - this dynamic webpage is like a mini website that gives further information on you, your services and can be used for lead generation such as setting meetings through a calendar booking link.
Perfect for professionals who want to make a lasting impression and easily share their contact information with potential clients, colleagues, and partners (they can save your contact info to their phone with one button!). 
Special One-Payment Offer - Buy Now
£199 a year
One-time Payment £349
1. Secure your one-time payment by adding your payment details below.
2. You will receive an email from us confirming your payment (your receipt).
3. You will also receive an email from us with instructions for sending the info needed for your UnaCard and UnaPage. This is really simple, you just complete a form.
4. We create everything for you and have check points for you to confirm along the way.
5. You will then receive your UnaCards by post ready to use, linking to your UnaPage. This whole process takes between 12-28 days.
6. Any updates you require on your UnaPage, you just message through to the team using a simple form.
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Contact information:
Payment information:
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Payment Today:
£ 349.00 GBP
What you get with your One-time Membership:
  • Your Bespoke Designed UnaCard X 2
  • Your Bespoke Designed UnaPage
  • Unlimited Updates To Your UnaPage.
NFC & QR tech
Each card is bespoke designed with your logo and brand colours, with added NFC & QR tech.
*scan the QR codes below to see an example of the UnaPage
If you are wanting to purchase more than one card/page, or have any further questions before purchasing please email us at [email protected]
Who are Share The Deets?
At share the deets, we're more than just a digital card company. We're a team of experts who are passionate about helping ambitious business owners and individuals succeed. Our company is the result of a collaboration between two highly respected firms: Strategy and Conversions, and ker-Z creative.
Strategy and Conversions brings a wealth of expertise in marketing and strategic planning for business growth. Helping countless businesses achieve their goals through effective marketing and business development strategies. ker-Z creative, on the other hand, specialises in design, brand development, and successful campaigns. Creating stunning visual experiences that captivate audiences and build strong brand identities.
Together, Strategy and Conversions and ker-Z creative bring a unique blend of expertise and experience to the table, making share the deets a cutting-edge solution for ambitious business owners and individuals. With UnaCard, you'll get a modern, professional, and convenient way to share your contact information, backed by a team of experts who are passionate about helping you succeed.
How does the card work?
Say goodbye to the hassle of printing and storing countless boxes of traditional paper business cards. Our contactless solution, UnaCard, simplifies the process with a single digital card that uses NFC technology to seamlessly transfer your contact details to 90% of smartphones. For the other 10%, we include a branded or hidden QR code.
But UnaCard isn't just a digital business card – it's a powerful lead generation tool. We include the design and implementation of your lead conversion page, which we call UnaPage. Your UnaPage features a profile image, logo, and a 'Save Contact' button at the top of the page. We also offer three customizable calls-to-action, so you can direct your leads to your shop, calendar, YouTube channel, or anything relevant to your business.
Plus, there's plenty of space to add more about you or your company in a section we use to leverage SEO.

We're committed to helping you succeed, which is why we offer unlimited updates to your UnaPage in our subscription. This is especially useful if you want to run a seasonal offer, promote a special deal at a conference or exhibition, test a new product or feature, or even launch a spin-off business.
Best of all, with our lifetime offer, you'll never have to worry about paying monthly or annual fees. One solution that simplifies your business card needs and helps you generate more leads effortlessly.

Where will my UnaPage be hosted?
As part of your package, we create and host your UnaPage on our share the deets directory website.
This serves the purpose of eliminating additional fees for you, is not dependant on your having a website and gives you the ability to focus on lead generation with this page.
Your page will follow a proven design with custom call-to-actions, including your brand/chosen colours and images.
A link will be provided that will link from your UnaCard. You can also use this link on the likes of social media and we also use RankMath Technology to give you the opportunity of showing in website search results.
Can I edit my UnaPage?
We made the decision to handle all edits, along with the creation of the UnaPage for you.
Over the past year we have been offering this service, developing a page that covers the needs of most.
To serve our customers with speed and ease, anytime you need the content edited on your page you just complete the change needed using a form.
These updates are unlimited and are completed within 21days from request.
What do I need to provide?
Once you have made payment, you will be sent a link to our form covering the information needed.
This includes images to use, content you would like to share and external links to the likes of a calendar booking system.
There are no time restraints on completing this form and our team is here to help you if you are unsure on anything.
Can I secure this now if I'm not fully ready?
You may want to take advantage of this one-time payment deal during the offer period but are not yet ready to have some or all of the elements created.
No problem, simply go to the checkout and make payment, we offer up to 12 months for creation, allowing you to proceed when ready.
Please keep in mind that the timeframe of 12-28 days for creation will still apply.
What other fees are involved?
None, when you take this one-time offer.
Our normal offer is a subscription model, priced monthly or annually. This one-time offer is less than the cost of 2 years.

The design of your UnaCard, creation of your UnaPage, updates to your UnaPage and delivery of 2 UnaCards is all included.
Additional cards with the same design can be purchased at £25, additional packages will be charged at the price set at the time they're requested, not at this one-time deal price as this is a special offer. 

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